24 hours to go

We are staying in a “town” I have never heard of near the wall.the tell me it has a population of 3 million, but you could not see the size of the place for the smog

Day before race took it easy everybody went site seeing Ole and I just went for a walk , 3 million people and no caffes, there is an opportunity here for an entrepreneur . Still feeling jet laged but the adrenaline is starting to take over. Want to start now. The Chinese do there work outs in a park some interesting machines. One like Homer Simpsons back machine that was putting chiropractors out of business. Great to talk to the kids on Skype before they went to school. When the wake up in the morning the race will be over and hopefully I will have finished kind of weird to think while everybody in the UK is sleeping I will be running a marathon. Well the time has arrived as Robin Williams said in Dead poets Caroe diem , apologies to Latin scholars







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Born 1957, have 4 children. Was diagnosed with stage three rectal cancer in March 2011.

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