Copenhagen August 2012

We have just landed in Beijing It’s hard to believe its only last August we first talked about this and now we are here.its really happening. I was hoping to keep my friends informed on Facebook but its not allowed here so I will put updates on the blog, which the Chinese authorities don’t see as a threat to the system.
I have talked about how the idea came about in the Lance Armstrong post but other things happened the weekend I was in Copenhagen that made me believe my health would come back sooner rather than later.

I had gone to Copenhagen for Oles annual summer party which is always great fun and a chance to see friends I had not seen for years. Friday morning I had breakfast with Klaus before heading into town. I was intending to take the bus as Klaus had an appointment so he drove me to the bus stop. The next stop on the route was by the Lakes where I used to live in Copenhagen so I decided I would try to walk to the next stop for a dose of nostalgia. When I got there I felt good a d walked to the next stop and the next and next until i had walked about 3 kilometers and I did not feel exhausted.i walked and stood a lot that weekend Oles party went on till 5am on the Sunday went with Klaus to photograph Mark Cavendish win Danmark Rund cycle race . so as i sat in the bar telling my friends I could do this Marathon because I believed Lance Armstrong and myself were mentally stronger. i also knew i had suddenly got all this energy from somwhere and it would be a few weeks before I realised it was due to my new diet and an amino acid supplement i had started taking called Carnitine. a friend of Janetts had sent me this small study on cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.aparently carnite makes human cells more efficient at oxidising fats, making more ATP (energy) available for use. I had started taking carnitine about a week before my trip to copenhagen and without a shadow of doubt it helped get me get over the fatigue which under normal circumstances would have made training for a Marathon impossible. I believe my training plan has worked realy well considering how little time I had to get from where I was to be able to run 26 miles, so hopefully I will be sucessfull on Saturday and how I trained will be of interest


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