Inspecting the Wall

Left Beijing at 6.30 to inspect the route. The steps are harder than I thought, I guess there were no building regs when they were built. Took an hour to get across a 4 K section. Great to meet up with Klaus and Ole, they are as excited as I am for Saturday despite the fact 33 degrees is predicted. The wall is like a massive sun trap its like being in a pizza oven





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Born 1957, have 4 children. Was diagnosed with stage three rectal cancer in March 2011.

3 Responses to Inspecting the Wall

  1. Elena says:

    I saw this photo as a thumbnail without putting my glasses on and thought ‘wow, Richard really has become hench!” – then I realised it wasn’t you!!! xxx

  2. Richard says:

    Thanks Joan , it’s like the old days training in Frederiksberg and Klaus moaning because he has to. Walk so far

  3. joan myhre says:

    Thinking of the girls and Jeanett
    I just read your amazing blog Rich and I wish you a safe run at The Great Wall of China. What time (european time) you start on the 18 of May?
    I know you can make it and you will win
    Say hallo to Ole Wessung and Klaus Sletting

    You are all 3, a fighter, a supporter and a survivor ♥

    Good Luck <3

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