Given just months to live; then “spontaneous remission”, a miracle or just cancer sense?

Every year I am offered an appointment with an oncologist to see how I am, it’s usually with a registrar rather than a consultant. If it’s one I know I will start the conversation with “don’t look so depressed because I am alive and cancer free  just because it was not … Continue reading

Reaching 60 years was my second milestone and I realised “incurable” just means the doctors don’t know how to fix it.

In August 2013 doctors gave me a death sentence! With that ” power gaze” the philosopher  Michel Foucault described, they took away all hope and told me to prepare for the  end. I searched the medical literature for some encouragement and the best I could find stated; no one had … Continue reading

Slash burn and poison is not that effective and should not have a monopoly on cancer treatment

Have to laugh at this article by oncologist Dr Ranjana Srivastava in todays Guardian 4/3/15 “What do doctors say to ‘alternative therapists’ when a patient dies? Nothing. You have to love this outrage when someone decided to shun the medical cartel for cancer treatment! I went with conventional treatment in 2011, was … Continue reading